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This combination of a DLL and UDFs adds extended Object-support to AutoIt.
Now it is possible to use an OOP-like syntax in your scripts and access many COM-Interfaces exposed from the Windows-API.


Q. What is Object Orientation and why do I need it?
OO is a highly used programming paradigm that is widely used in many programming languages. In procedural programming (AutoIt, C, etc.) you pass around data to different functions. In OO however, you use objects that contains both the function and data. It's especially useful when dealing with larger projects and need to structure your code. OO also offers tools such as inheritance to save yourself from rewriting code.
Q. How does this work?
AutoIt already has support for COM objects. What this library does is it creates dynamic com objects during runtime that executes AutoIt code.
Q. How does this affect my script performance wise?
There is a minor speed difference between calling methods and calling functions directly. However the difference is minor and you'll probably never notice it. When execution reaches Autoit code it continues at normal speed.
Q. Does the library support inheritance?
Yes. _AutoItObject_Create() has an optional parameter.
Q. What about multiple inheritance?
No problems. Calls to _AutoItObject_Create() can be nestled.
Q. Why isn't it possible to pass arguments as ByRef to methods?
This is a limitation within AutoIt. It's not possible to overcome this problem by directly calling the member functions, but that goes against the OO thinking and will not be covered here (use common sense).
Q. Why can't I use variables of ptr-type in arguments to methods?
See previous answer.
Q. Can I use arrays as properties?
Yes. However, it's slower than usual.
Q. Does this mean that the objects I create are available from other programs since they're actually COM-objects?
No. The objects are created at runtime and for AutoIt's eyes only.
Q. My GUI freezes! Why and how do I fix it?
All methods are essentially dllcallbacks. Unfortunately this means that messages are not processed while your methods are being executed. As long as you keep your main loop outside any method, you'll be fine.



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